“I came to Catherine looking to find my great Grandfather. Thanks to her, I have since been to visit his grave and have discovered hundreds of ancestors on both sides of my family. It’s been an amazing journey, one I will continue on. Catherine’s passion and enthusiasm for genealogy is infectious. Her expertise in the field is amazing. When she’s researching my family, it seems it’s her family too, so inspiring is her passion for the work. I couldn’t recommend Catherine more highly, nor can I thank her enough.


“I made contact with Cath via a Genealogy site on Facebook! She has been so helpful & had worked hard to find out all the facts I have. Without asking Cath and started a family tree for me of information she had found & sent off for some certificates!! Could not recommend her anymore! Thank you so much Cath”


“Catherine started working on my Mum and Dad’s family trees a few years ago, and I can honestly say it was not an easy task for her. Alot of dead ends and brick walls but as I have learnt Catherine loves a challenge and hasn’t been defeated yet. As a family we have learnt so much and Catherine is still unearthing family members 3 years later. I cannot recommend CK Research enough as Catherine is so passionate about what she does and genuinely enjoys every minute of her investigating. Take the next step and let Catherine do all the work for you. You never know where it could lead!!!”


“I first made contact with Catherine in 2019. We were both researching the same family from East Cork. We met through Facebook first and then met in real life soon after that. We were delighted to discover that our families had married into each others. We are cousins-in-law you could say! We have kept in touch since then. Catherine is very thorough in her research, and loves working with other family history researchers. She helps others with helpful tips, suggests archives, websites and other resources for research. I would highly recommend Catherine as a genealogist.”